Can be retrofitted onto ANY already-existing window, door or more!

What is RockGlass?

Unlike a film, RockGlass sheets are virtually unbreakable perimeter security measure. The are:

Up to 200x Stronger Than Glass

Virtually Unbreakable

Shatter Proof

Abrasion & Chemical Resistant

Easy to Clean (Graffiti Removal)

RockGlass is made from a proprietory blend of materials

High-density polymers, high-impact polycarbonates, and our titanium-hard coating.

Our special blend of materials produces a glass-like shell for protection against regular buffs and scratches.  RockGlass is ideal for but not limited to:
• Windows and Glass Doors • Balcony and Deck Rails • Garage Overhead Glass Doors • Heavy Equipment Glass Protection

All our products are rigorously tested, so you can rest assured that you're getting a top-of-the-line, functional security product for your home or business.

Retrofit Framing System

RockGlass is retrofitted onto an already-existing window by using our retrofit framing system (RFS). The framing system is strategically designed to make installation easy while being completely impact resistant and solid once the installation is complete.

We use structural, weather-proof adhesives to install the Retrofit frame and RockGlass technology onto your already-existing window.  There is no need to uninstall the original glass during the RockGlass fitting, making for a simple, energy-efficient solution.

This technology also makes for quick and easy window repairs in the event of a broken window.  Standard practice for an ordinary broken window is as follows:

• Window Breaks
• Order Plywood
• Order Glass
• Wait 2 weeks
• Install new glass
• Repeat

With RockGlass the process looks more like this:

• Window Breaks
• Order RockGlass
• Install in a few days

Glass Door Repair

Standard Repair:

• Ugly, boarded up Windows
• Chance of improperly-installed plywood, which could leave screws in your doos and window frames (we've seen it before!)
• Emergency board costs ($250-$350)
• New glass insert order costs ($300+)

RockGlass Repair:

• It only takes one phone call, and the fix is finished on the first visit
• Installation/retrofitting takes one hour 
• No plywood costs
• No damage to your frames or doors
• No more broken glass


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